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Cool Peace Out

Well guys, this i good bye, well, on the forums anyways. I'll still be on AIM. =\ A few of you already know this though =\

Few things i'd like to say though to some members I cant talk to on AIM, and even some of the people on AIM:

JAW: Cant spell your other name, Jeikbou, or w/e : \ But, it was fun talking to you about hockey and all. Hope to see the Avs in the playoffs

Max: You're on of my best online friends, keep up the good work on NB. Stop changing your name =P lol

SF: Another one of my best online friends ^_^ C ya around on AIM ^_^

Cat: You're creepy =P lol, j/k Guess I'll see you on AIM too, hope you, Fair, and E8 are happy together ^_^

I dont feel like writing the rest, lol, to many distractions. .-. I was going to write about, X, Shroom, D, HKim, TT, and......anyone else i coulda though about. lol, sorry if i missed yeah =P

Well, w/e, most of you can see me on AIM anyways =\

Good bye everyone else at PE2K! Now to find out how to delete my name. =P