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Default Re: _|-Individual RP: Xpenditure-|_

OOC: Gender Male for Growlithe. Roggernola Female. Thanks.

As Jake watched Swampert's Water Gun miss the Growlithe because of it dodging he lost his calm and patience and knew a move that was going to stop him evading his next attack. He looked over at Growlithe as it looked pumped up and happy that it dodged the Swampert's attack. Even if it hit the Growlithe it would have hurt it alot, Jake opened his mouth and said in a moderately tipped over voice to Swampert,

"Swampert, use Foresight and follow it with Muddy Water but don't actually attack it with Muddy Water. Just surround it so it's trapped. Then use Water Gun!"

Swampert looked dazzled at the orders it got but it turned and looked at Growlithe as it's eyes started glowing red as they shot out beams at the Growlithe aiming straight at it but they didn't actually hurt him. The moves was supposed to stop a pokemon from evading attacks and that's what Jake wanted. Seeing as it was now trapped by Foresight Swampert's eyes stopped glowing as it sucked in air and lifted it's head. Then it lowered it an gushed it out as it slid along the ground creating a spherical shape trapping the Growlithe in the center as it slowly closed in on it. Jake was happy as his plan was working well so far as he watched Swampert breathe in more air as he then raised his head in the same motion as last time and gushered out blue water flying trough the air at a good pace and was looking like a direct hit. Jake was so anxious he had to crack his hands and he couldn't feel any pain because of the moment.

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