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Default Re: Buzzer's PE2K Ref log (BMG = Fail)

Battle 535

BW Revolution
Items off
SLP/FRZ/OHKO/ clauses on
SANDSTORM Weather/Normal Terrain
Rustboro Gym Battle

Gym Leader Ayotui vs Challenger Ebail

Ayo: Gliscor, Cradily, Rhyperior, Tyranitar
Ebail: Gliscor, Infernape, Sceptile, [Kingdra]

Ayo used Gliscor to Baton Pass Speed to Rhyperior, but Ebail used the same tactic to baton pass Swords Dance and Rock Polish to Sceptile. Sceptile killed Rhyperior and did some damage to Gliscor before being finished off. Then Speed Tie let Ebail's Gliscor to finish of Ayo's then Infernape cleaned up.

Ayotui: $1000
Ebail: $2000 + Gym Badge + TM
I ref - $2000

Current Wages = $2000
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