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Default Re: _|-Individual RP: Xpenditure-|_

As Jake and his ranger kept walking hoping to find new pokemon they looked up to see a Skarmory heading to the Outer Heavens. Jake didn't know what his ranger was thinking but he was hoping it would drop down from there so Jake can battle it. He looked back down and got his mind back into looking for pokemon with the ranger. As Jake looked across from him he saw an energetic Growlithe run up to Jake looking like it wanted to battle. Jake was sure happy about that as he looked at his Swamper which was already out of his ball ready. Jake heard his ranger ask if he wanted to battle it and Jake answered back to him,

"Sure. Just like that Roggernola, this Growlithe is going to be mine sooner rather then later." with a huge grin on his face.

He looked at Swampert and said to him,

"Swampert use Growl. Then follow it with Water Gun"

Swampert looked over at Growlithe and it opened it's mouth sucking in air and then after a few second it let out that breath and it was toned. The air came out as a loud Growl and the sound waves flew through the air and affected the Growlithe putting it off guard as it then followed the Growl by lifting it's head and it then it lowered it as it opened it's mouth and let out a vertically straight line of water that flew through the air towards the Growlithe. Jake could only now hope that it was going to hit. If it did it was going to cause the fire dog some major damage.

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