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Default Graphic Arts & Drawn Art HELP and Chat (ask questions here)II!

You know, it almost baffles me how no one thought of this before, self included.

Discuss techniques, styles, banner and avatar making with Adobe's outstanding program Photoshop, whether it be from version 6,7, or CS, or even other updates of it once they come. All that I ask is:
  • Keep it Photoshop / GIMP related.
  • Keep info truthful, such as tutorials, links to sources and the like.

Any really good links to sites posted in this thread I'll gladly place in this post for easy reference.

Photoshop Tutorials


Photoshop Brushes

Grey Cobra

Free Animation Programs
- From Neo Pikachu / Neo Emgola

So, yes ask any graphic art related question, and no I'm not sure why the other was closed. So, GIMP, PS, ect questions belong here.

Also, a new addition to this thread, you are able to post questions and comments on drawn art (both traditional and digital).
Thanks, PE2K - See here for contact info, please!
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