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Default Re: Your Adventure Begins

Avalon looked at Robert's List. Anthony said something about overspending, and Avalon decided to step in and tell Robert what the heck was overspending.

"Then we're going to have to say that a Tent isn't a vital, because one decent tent for four will destroy all of our bugets." Avalon said, going from experiance. Pokemon Centers generally housed travelers in addition to their nursing. "I'd just go for food that doesn't spoil in general, mate. It's too much to look for specific foods." Avalon added. "Luxury Balls are a Luxury in itself-Get rid of that entierly, I don't even want you considering that, one is 1000 Dollars!" One!" Avalon said. "We won't need burn heals just yet, the chances of running into a Fire-Type this early is low." Avalon said. "You've already got five, why need more? Scratch out PokeBalls, we won't need them right away." Avalon said. "Repel? I'm not sure they sell Repel to novice trainers right off the bat, I'm not sure why, It was like that in Unova." Avalon added.

And with that, a lot of items on Robert's list was taken off. "And keep in mind, mate, you said you'd be buying all of this all on your own. That's only 3000 Buckeroos you've got to spend. I'm not trying to make your life hard, or anything, I'm just allowing you to fufill your request to not loan money to you." Avalon said.

(Ooc: We need a new GM.)
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