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Default Re: Registration Headquarters

Originally Posted by Team Razor View Post
I think I'l join this time:)

Shina the Venonat
Ability: Tinted Lens(If I can change it when it evolves, otherwise Compoundeyes)
Sig Move: None

Nova the Eevee
Ability: Adaptility
Sig Move: Soak
Description: Nova has wanted to become a Vaporeon since her birth, and everyday she have trained and played in water to get used to water. One day she saw a Goldeen use Soak on a Sandshrew to make her Megahorn do more damage. Nova understood that this could be used in a defensive manner too, and practiced to soak herself in water to become a water type. However the she dries after a while.
Type: Water / Damage: 0 / Accuracy: 100 /Classification: Status Move
Effect: User becomes water type for 5 actions, 7 if rain is in effect, and 3 if sun is in effect.
Usage Gap: Once per Battle

Shole the Drifloon
Ability: Aftermath
Sig Move: None
You can't change your ability unless you Pokémon has a banned ability, and sig moves are handled elsewhere. Please try again~ Not approved.
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