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Default Re: What's your HeartGold/SoulSilver team?

Finished Re-claiming the radio tower and now on my way to the final town for badge number 8.

EDIT: So my totally Demolished clair, spamming outrage (Dragon move) and some full heals. however I never got the dratini from the den so kinda confused about that.. I'll have to check back the next time I play. hopefully I can get it, thought I had answered them correctly.. Ohh and I caught ho-oh, kinda mad though, I forgot to save right before him so I ended up having to use my master ball. hopefully i can transfer the 4 i have on emerald via pokemon when I finally get to the pal park area. =\

Current Team

Level - 44
Nature - Hasty
Met - Route 31 at Lvl.10

*Wake-up Slap
*Rain Dance

Level - 40
Nature - Quirky
Met - Goldenrod City at lvl.5

*Tackle (lmao)
*Quick Attack
*Faint Attack

Level - 40
Nature - Quiet
Met - Pokewalker at lvl.8

*Mega Punch
*Dizzy Punch

Level - 40
Nature - Lonely
Met - Route 46 at lvl.2

*Aerial Ace

Level - 40
Nature - Careful
Met - Route 37 at lvl.14

*Fire Fang
*Flame Wheel

Yeah I know there pretty bad Move-wise/Nature-wise but they have gotten me this far. I can always re-breed them later

As for my starter, I wanted the Grass one but I ended up getting the fire one by accident and I was to lazy to re-start. Switched him out for Growlithe when I got him.

Play time is around 50 or so hours

Still Looking for an HM slave as #6 but I cant seem to find any guides online for a good one (one that can learn the most)

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