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Default Re: Mewtwo - Pokemon Stadium 2

defeated mewtwo in PS1 with haunter/sandslash/ditto/raichu/chaizard/alakazam

started with raichu and used thunder wave, if i was lucky he got pz and i lowered his accuracy with flash until he got KOd, next i chose sandslash mewtwo went rest. while he slept i used sand attack on him like crazy till he was practically blind. another KO later ditto joined and that took a chunk of his health away before he KO'd me, charizard, alakazam all passed trying to mow his health down and haunter finally took him out using giga drain while he was resting. it was sheer luck.

you can try the same for PS2. Carry a pokemon with destiny bond (like Gengar). in the first round mewtwo usually starts with safeguard. you can use destiny bond. next round mewtwo is likely to KO both u and himself.

good luck!