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Default Re: Pokemon Dark World

Name: Nova Allen
Gender: Male
Region: Unova
Starter Pokemon: Tepig
City: Opelucid City
Apperance: He has a Pretty Decent clothing, With A green bandana, A white shirt with a black and green Vest, and jeans. He is destined to be a cordinatior, but trains his pokemon as well, believing that Battling is an important stratagy
Personality: A little timid, so runs away from most wild pokemon. He is also Creative, in which he designs his own pokemons clothing For contests. He also has an eye for Battles, so he always battles when he has a pokemon
History: His History with pokemon started maybe when his older brother had moved to Hoenn and starts his pokemon stuff there. Novas older sister moved with his father to Nimbaza city, leaving him to care for his mother. Nova has always heard from his brother that he has descovered new pokemon, and in fact, he sent over a pokemon from the hoenn region for nova to have, a poochyena. The poocheyna and nova have been together for a while, but Nova plays with it like a regular dog. He decides that he would also have the poochyena as his other pokemon as he turned 10, but the poochyena left back to Novas brother. So Nova now decides to train up in the Unova region as he prepares to visit his brother in Hoenn.
Other: His brother had left at the age of 3, while his sister left at the age of 5, so his brother is now age 17, while his sister is only 13, and she has completed her contests
Nova Tailleon
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"The Omegas Must suffer. they have caused nothing but pain. We will Bring them to their knees and habe them beg for mercy with the price of theyre blood." Nova Tailleon before declaring war.
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