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Default Re: Pokemon Devastion Mewtwo's Return RP

(OOC: I dont know where to start, so i'll just say that im looking for the alliance bacause im being chased by a couple clones at the Destroyed paradise.)


Nova is still running, despite the fact that he is tired, and Knocks back a Clone Riolu back. he then notices it sends a aura sphere, so i knock it head on with a Shadow ball.
"You cant get me. i am to hyper." I said as hI swipes an incoming pidgey with iron tail, then Uses Quick attack and hit the riolu sending him flying. I then use double team, then the pidgey, Despite the power of my iron tail, flees. I fix a bit of my hair which was out of place, then look around. i had cleared out the entire area, and there was really nothing left from what I had seen from before I got here. i sigh then lay down in the area, exausted. but I didnt let my guard down, because i could tell another pokemon group was approaching. I stand up ready for battle, then i suddenlly get Slamed from behind. I get back up and see a group of clone eevees. I then flee at seeing they were about to use iron tail, then i mutter to myself.
"Dang Clones interfering with my last buisness." then i start imagining what my trainer was like. Black Hail all smooth and slick, his orange blazer, and his light blue cap. I imagined him ahead of me, then i lose sight of him, then remembering why i was wandering around this area.
"I need to find the alliance. I hope i can find them." then i trip over a stone, and lose my Nova stone. "My nova stone." I said as it turns into a clear color and falls down the hillside.
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