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The Zigzagoon zipped past and into the trees to the side of the path that Mizuiro and Ataro were walking on, then Mizuiro felt something stir behind the long stalks of grass behind him. A small pink fluff ball tumbled out of the grass and started to play around chasing its own tail until it got too dizzy. Mizuiro couldn’t help but smile at the Skitty, even Sky’s countenance eased up at the sight of the kitten before them. Ataro walked over to pick up the Skitty, who mewed in delight, he seemed rather animated about the Skitty and asked me in delight if I wanted it or not.

“I’ve never had the chance to raise a normal type Pokemon before, Sky what do you think?” He asked his partner. The mantis just gave a noncommittal shrug as though not sure what to make of the carefree little Pokemon.

“Well I would love to have a Skitty,” Mizuiro said while reaching into his jacket and taking out a small Pokeball from one of the many pockets in his trench. Pressing the button in the middle, he felt the parkball grow to about the size of his fist.

“Well Skitty, would you like to come with me?” Mizuiro asked the cat, while keeping a strong enough grip on the ball so the kitten wouldn’t accidently knock it away; he had once heard that these Pokemon had a fondness for round objects.

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