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Default Re: _|-Individual RP: Xpenditure-|_

Jake watched as the ball sucked the Roggernola inside and it swayed from side to side until it froze and stopped in the middle. Jake had caught it as he felt a sense of joy and was feeling like he had just become the best trainer ever. Sadly he was very far off what he thought, he looked over at the ranger as he told him that he was going to hold onto the pokeball until the end as he looked at Jake with a smile. Jake was wondering what to do next but before he could say anything the Ranger asked him where he wanted to go. Jake looked at the volcano and saw an entrance but didn't want to go in because it would be so hot. Maybe he would go back later. He looked at his ranger again and said,

"Hey ranger could we maybe go in the volcano later? It's to hot for me right now. Maybe we just go deeper down and search for some pokemon? That's really what I want to do."

Jake looked at the ranger and awaited for his approval, if he was going to give it to him. He looked at him and then grabbed out Zoroark's pokeball and returned him into it through the red gleaming light as he pulled out another pokeball and let out Swampert. It came out with an expression like it was depressed, Jake wondered why. The heat was probabally already getting to him.

Hatch @ 25
Zoroark @ 100
Lv 100 @ 310

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