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Default A Graphic Store..

So I have decided to open a shop, will edit this first post later.

Anyway I don't really have any examples to hand out, so requesting here is kinda like a lottery, you'll never know what your gonna get, until I finish the first request, anyway as far as you guys know I could be a beginning graphics person using paint!

So let's slap together some Rules:

I do not take more then 2 requests at a time, I won't be keeping a list so you will have to make sure by yourself if there are not 2 unfinished requests posted in front of you before you make a request, and if you do post when I have more then 2 unfinished request your banner will be done last and the 2 weeks limit won't start counting down until I finish the request 2nd before you..
I won't be making banners like a factory so I'm gonna have a 2 week deadline for me to finish your request, so expect your banner anywhere in between day 1- 14...
If I don't like your request I will reject it, yes I'm giving myself power to do that.
I will not work with poor/bad quality renders/stocks so make sure to provide good quality renders/stocks for me to work with.
And finally use the form.
Always give me credit, and ask me permission if you want to use my work on another forum then pe2k.

The Form

Anything Else:
Have you read the rules?
What do the rules say about crediting me and usages of my work on other forums then pe2k?

Finished Requests:

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