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Default Re: Pokemon Devastation Mewtwo Return sign up still open

Hope it's not too late but I understand if it is. Still here is mine.

Name: Red
Species: Charmeleon
Moves: Scary Face, Flame Burst, Fire Fang, Smoke Screen.
Personality: Was trained by a strong trainer who Charmeleon became very loyal to. When attacked by a horde of Beedrill Charmeleon fought valiantly for his trainer but was not able to hold them at bay as Charmeleon's trainer was poisoned and died later. Now Charmeleon roams around trying to make himself stronger and regretting everyday how he was not able to defend his master.
Description: Has a scar over his left eye from the beedrill attack and wears one of his trainers badge's (the one that he won for his trainer) on a chain around his neck.
Other: Though sad and regretting the past Charmeleon is still a pokemon you can count on to help you in a bind and is loyal to his friends.
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