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  • Fixed bugs in regards to the wording of trapping moves like Whirlpool.
  • Altered the wording of Counter, Mirror Coat, and Metal Burst to prevent abuse.
  • Discovered a weird bug where Frost Breath and Storm Throw had the wrong names and effects.
  • This was also fixed on the Critical Levels page.
  • Not a MANDATORY update, but a good idea.

Khajmer sends out Nidoking!
Nidoking (M)
Ability: Rivalry
Stats: 1 Iron (+1 DEF)
Tutored Moves: Storm Throw, Punishment

3m0d0ll sends out Hitmonchan!
Hitmonchan (M)
Ability: Iron Fist
Stats: 2 Protein (+2 ATK)
Items: Boxing Gloves

Start off with a Poison Fang! If Hitmonchan does not deal damage to you during its first action, then use Storm Throw, otherwise, Punishment!
Khajmer: Poison Fang ~ Storm Throw/Punishment

Let it rip with ThunderPunch, then follow up with Bullet Punch!
3m0d0ll: ThunderPunch, Bullet Punch

Assume Bullet Punch is not critical.
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