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As Jake watched his Zoroark successfully hit the Roggernola with it's powered up Night Slash he felt a sense that he could catch it now because it had been weakened and looked like it had enough and was looking to give up. But before Jake could grab a park ball out of his pocket the Roggernola had jumped off it's feet and slammed them down to the ground as it sent waves through the ground as they were seismic size they traveled over to Zoroark and threw it off it's feet and sending it back a few meters. That was a deadly attack that Jake hoped it wouldn't use again as it ran it's way back to it's previous position and was waiting for Jake to send an attack. Jake was thinking whether or not to attack and then he had decided. He looked at Zoroark and said

"Zoroark use Scary Face to put the Roggernola off. Just do it long enough so I can capture it!" Jake said worried whether or not it was going to work or not.

Zoroark started making a face that looked very scary as it used it's Dark type powers to up-size the image and catch the Roggernola off guard for a few seconds as Jake looked at the little rock pokemon, he pulled the pokeball painted in green cameo colors out of his pocket and threw it out of his hand into the air and said

"Go Pokeball. Your mine Roggernola." he said feeling the confidence that he was almost certain to catch it because of it being weakened.

All Jake could do now was watch as it all unfolded.

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