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Default Re: GB games still working?

just Checked my Red, Blue, and Yellow and they still have save files on them, so does crystal.

Silver on the otherhand doesnt, but I already knew that, bought it that way at gamestop but didnt realize it untill a month after I bought it.

Originally Posted by Mr420 View Post
i too can verify this by saying I own 2 copies of Emerald. 1 of which is the original i bought when it came out for myself and my son to play pkmn with. and the other which i obtained threw craigslist for 25 bux including a pink Gameboy advance SP plus the link cables for my other emerald..

so here's the funny part i had begun to trade from these two for the DEX and right around HG/SS came out i began to play these less, the Emerald which had been my original would read somethings saying about the internal battery has run dry...that the game would save but certain fuctions of the game say time wouldnt work...

other than that its tip top but i found out later that it only applies to the berry growing factor in my game..

yeah my Ruby game has the "Internal Battery has run dry, the game can be saved however clock based events will no longer occur" but im not to worried about that since I can still grow berries on my emerald and just send them over if i need them