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Default Re: will dawn and brock come back

Originally Posted by TitaniumAnimations View Post
A larger group would not necessarily make differences more apparent. If all the characters are as shallow as the next, it would like having Zoolander (Ben Stiller comedy) as an anime. The only characters that I honestly think had any depth in the show was Ash, Misty, Brock, Tracey (< kinda a stretch), Professor Oak, Sabrina, etc.

Max had no history, May was not interesting to say the least, and Dawn seemed to be a last minute addition. Honestly, I think it would be funny to see how Brock and Ash would fair together alone for a good portion of a season. Since Ash is so unresponsive when Brock gives into his physical attractions to women, it would be even more comical than it was when Misty manhandled Brock. It would be like watching bachelors going on an adventure with magical creatures and an abundance of island nations to explore.
Hahaha I would love to see Ash and Brock travel around like bachelors! It would be hilarious with how Brock is always chasing girls and Ash is always so clueless when it comes to girls
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