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Default Re: Simple Question/Simple Answer Thread

Originally Posted by iBlade View Post
Excellent analysis, Gofre. Thank you for the detailed explanations. Could you please tell me a bit more about the HP vs Speed decision-making process? Why is it that you wouldn't want HP on a pokemon with five weaknesses? Wouldn't the extra HP give him a chance to hit back, wheras he will probably be outspeeded by most any other pokemon that put EV into speed anyway? Like I said, I haven't done any real competitive dueling so excuse my ignorance on the matter. I've heard that speed Victinis are subpar competitively so I figured that if that doesn't work, try something else. No point in making it worse though xD.

Again, thanks for the great response!
Because for the most part, they're either going to be resounding KOs that not even maximised HP and defences can deter, or are entirely unable to KO you at all. Just taking the top ten most used offensive pokes as an example;

*Tyranitar- 252Att+Adamant OHKOs you with Stone Edge. HP EVs are useless
*Scizor- Completely unable to beat you. HP EVs are useless
*Garchomp- 252Att+Jolly OHKOs you with Earthquake. HP EVs are useless
*Excadrill- 252Att+ Jolly OHKOs you with Earthquake. HP EVs are useless
*Gliscor- 252Att+Jolly OHKOs you with Earthquake. HP EVs are useless
*Gengar- 252SpAtt+Timid OHKOs you with Shadow Ball. HP EVs are useless
*Heatran- 252SpAtt+Modest OHKOs you with Earth power. HP EVs are useless
*Dragonite- 252Att+Adamant OHKOs you with Earthquake. HP EVs are useless

The same pattern emerges as you work further and further down the list, almost every major offensive threat carries at least one move that hits Victini for super effective damage. Whether it's because it's a STAB option, or because Victini is weak to at least one move in most of the standard coverage combinations (Ground/Rock, Fight/Rock, Fight/Ghost, Water/Electric). Victini's typing just isn't good enough to pull off a tanking set, in fact it's probably some of the worst in the game. This is coupled with his very average defences as I mentioned earlier. They'd have been great stats in the second or third generations of pokemon. But each game has brought forth more and more threats with sky-high attacking stats, 100/100/100 doesn't cut it anymore without some great defensive typing.

As for why you'd bother with it's speed when other things outspeed it, it's simply a case of capitalising on Victini's assets. Would you not bother giving Victini SpAtt EVs simply because there are pokes that can survive its attacks? Base 100 certainly isn't slow, and can outspeed a lot of things both offensive and defensive. This coupled with its again respectable SpAtt, great type coverage and access to an improved Fire Blast, all point towards Victini being best suited towards an aggressive role. It's complete mediocrity in a defensive role makes this the default position too, but no matter. Just because it isn't in the top ranks of speedy attackers, does not mean it isn't suited to the role.
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