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Default Re: [Project] .:~*Pokehatchery Project*:~.

Well, actually, it's more of recoloring, really. Basically...well, here's the trick: make the egg with the base colors only, then using each of those base colors, recolor an entire egg for each of those colors...then add recolored versions of all the stages for each color, then using the egg with the foundation on it, can all most likely figure it out from there. It does have to do with a bit of using the eraser trick (though it's a bit irrelevant) and in-document transparencies. But...I kinda just like to make sure that things stay consistent, so yeah. I also tend to add a bit of anti-aliasing to each egg and such.

I'm working on them, everyone, I just can't do this at a superhuman pace. XD I'll take care of the reserves and eggs once I get the eggs that are currently in the reservation / finished eggs section/post done. ^^;