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Default [WAR X] WAR Season X Rules and Info

The PE2K WAR is a team-based competition event held during every summer where teams of PE2K members compete in various sections such as art, writing, URPG, and RP for points. In these sections, entry submissions or performances are submitted, judged, and the best of the best are awarded points for their team on a weekly basis. At the end of the War, the team with the highest number of points is declared the winner.

The original idea for the PE2K WAR was conceived by Bashaamo back in 2003 on the original PE2K Proboards forum, although many PE2K members have been attributed to its continued success and interest throughout the years, including HKim, ElimN8, [Fair], Lord Celebi, and Dr Scott. Since then, the WAR has been hosted every year though throughout time, its format has been altered and is always evolving to meet the interests of PE2K veterans and newcomers alike.

This year, WAR Season X (10) will return more toward to the roots of what the first WAR was like, allowing WAR Teams the freedom to have as many members as they like, allowing members to choose the team that’s right for them, and allow greater flexibility where anyone can create a team.

This year, WAR Season X will last a total of five weeks.

In order to join WAR Season X, you must be a member of an official WAR Team. You can do this by either joining an already existing WAR Team, or by creating your own. WAR Teams will each have their own thread in the Mixed: Groups/Clubs board, and should have the label [WAR X] in the team title to notify others it is a designated team intended to participate in the WAR.

However, note that if you decide to create your own WAR Team, it must follow a few parameters.
  • WAR Teams should have a theme, goals (albeit fictional), and characteristics. Whether you make a team of valorous heroes who specialize in using Flying Pokémon, a team of evilly-aligned criminals and thieves, a team of neutrality-favoring warriors whose roots tie to the seas, or anything of that nature, teams must have a theme and characteristics that are flexible in many settings and time periods (due to the WAR RP possibly taking place in any kind of time period or setting). This is to give teams more life, color, and distinctive characteristics, which will also come to life in the WAR X Role Play as role players base their characters and actions off of the themes and goals of their team within the role play’s setting, and these same themes may even be used as a basis in the other sections in terms of the weekly theme’s requirements.
  • WAR Teams need to have at least three members. Including the Team Leader, teams need to have at least three members who have signed up and have been approved as members in the team’s thread.
  • Once your WAR Team has acquired the necessary members, submit your team’s application in the WAR Team Registration Thread. Once a WAR Leader approves it, your team will be an official WAR X Team. Congratulations, and welcome to the WAR X Arena!
  • As a word of advice, make your WAR Team as appealing, organized, and presentable as possible. Making the team’s goals and characteristics detailed and clear will help make your team original and distinctive, and will draw other members toward it. Making team banners, using graphics and emblems to help promote and distinguish your team, and wearing them in your signature will greatly help you market and advertise your team as opposed to one that looks hastily made, unorganized, and appears unoriginal.


WAR Teams should comply with all PE2K forum rules. As a result, teams should not be based on anything that others could consider seriously profane, objectionable, or racist. Team members should also work together and respect each other, and Team Leaders need to monitor and control their teams. Team Leaders also have the right to accept or deny any member who applies, along with deciding who has the power to accept or deny members. Rank hierarchy and organization is completely up to the team’s own discretion.

Teams can be created up until the third week of the WAR. If a team enters the WAR late during the first or second week of the WAR, their score count will start at zero. Once the third week has begun, no more new WAR Teams may be created. However, members without a team are free to sign up for any of the existing WAR Teams at any time, but will need to be approved by a Team Leader before they can begin to participate. Also, teams may not merge during the WAR. Instead, a team would have to be officially disbanded by either the leader or through WAR Leader intervention. If this happens, the disbanded team’s members can choose which team they would like to go to on their own, but any points the team earned during the WAR are gone.

In the case of an active WAR Team, team members may only freely switch teams during the first and second weeks of the WAR. Upon the beginning of the third week, team members must stay in their current teams. However, during the third and fourth week, if a team member wants to switch teams, they must PM a WAR Leader appealing why they want to switch teams (and should have strong, legitimate reason for doing so). If the WAR Leader approves and finds good, legitimate reason for the switch, the switch can take place. However, during the final, fifth week, no switching can take place regardless of the circumstances. So it stands like this:

First week – Team switches are possible without WAR Leader approval. New WAR Teams may still be created.
Second week - Team switches are possible without WAR Leader approval. New WAR Teams may still be created.
Third week – WAR Leader must approve of a team switch before it can take place. No new WAR Teams may be created from this point on.
Fourth week - WAR Leader must approve of a team switch before it can take place.
Fifth week – Teams locked, no team switches may occur at all.

Currently, there are eight normal sections that will be ongoing throughout all five weeks of the WAR. However, there will also be Event Sections that behave like normal sections in terms of submission and judging, but will only last for a limited time (1 or 2 weeks).

WAR X Role PlayLusankya of The Armada
As the highlight section of the WAR, team members immerse themselves into the epic and climatic storyline of the WAR Role Play, where the teams become alive and their themes, their ideals, and their goals take on a life of their own within the role play’s setting and storyline.

There will also be a WAR RP Storyline Discussion that potential role players can use to express and contribute their ideas, themes, and desires before the WAR RP is created. The WAR RP Judge can use this thread as a tool to get ideas to help shape and build the storyline and setting, can also use the thread to communicate and get feedback from these members regarding what their plans are, and can use it to gauge what kinds of settings and themes role players would like to see used. However, in the end, the WAR RP Judge still has the final say regarding what the final storyline will be.

Judging Basis: 6 points awarded each week, 3 points for top performer, 2 points for 2nd and 1 for 3rd place. 30 points in total.

WAR X Fan FictionGiratina of The Cullen
As a story writer, this is your place to create the best Pokémon-related fan fiction you can. Depending on the WAR Judge’s desired format, stories may be created on a weekly basis as one-shots according to a theme, or may be ongoing fan fictions that last throughout the WAR’s duration, and are judged based on the fan fiction’s updated material that was posted during that week.

Judging Basis: 5 points awarded each week, 3 for 1st place, 2 for 2nd. 25 points in total.

WAR X Creative Writing - Charmander009 of Pokemon Elemental
For those with strong creative writing skills, follow the weekly theme and format provided by the Judge and write your literary masterpiece as an essay, short story, poem, or other form of literature. Typically not Pokémon related.

Judging Basis: 5 points awarded each week, 3 for 1st place, 2 for 2nd. 25 points in total.

WAR X Graphic ArtSimmi of The Armada
This is the art arena for those skilled with graphic art computer programs, such as Photoshop, Gimp, Paintshop Pro, and various others to create various graphics such as banners, emblems, wallpapers, and so on based on a weekly theme presented by the Judge. Unlike WAR X Drawn Art, WAR X Graphic Art imposes no limitation on what graphic art resources artists can use, such as filters, renders, and other special effects, as long it isn’t someone else’s work.

Judging Basis: 5 points awarded each week, 3 for 1st place, 2 for 2nd. 25 points in total.

WAR X Drawn ArtKayla Ann of The Cullen
WAR X Drawn Art is the art arena for those skilled with creating freehand drawings and character-created images where special program-created rendering, filters, or other special effects are excluded. Images may be drawn on paper and then scanned, or drawn using a computer program, as long as it is clear no special effects were used in the creation of the final art.

Judging Basis: 5 points awarded each week, 3 for 1st place, 2 for 2nd. 25 points in total.

WAR X Sprite Art3m0d0ll of VILE
WAR X Sprite Art involves the creation of pixel-based art like the character sprites used in Pokémon and other various video games. Like the other art sections, WAR X Sprite Art will be based on a theme provided by the Judge.

Judging Basis: 5 points awarded each week, 3 for 1st place, 2 for 2nd. 25 points in total.

WAR X Debate - Lord Fedora of The Cullen
Engage in serious debate topics such as abortion, capital punishment, war, politics, and many other possible topics for discussion as teams compete to defend standpoints, prove grounds, and provide supporting evidence to strengthen arguments. In this section, both individual member performance and teamwork performance is rewarded.

Judging Basis: 4 points awarded each week, 1 point for best individual Pro side, 1 point for best individual Con side, 2 for best overall team performance. 20 points in total.

Pokémon Online Battling - Nitro of Octopus Babies
Using Pokémon Online as a battle simulator, build your team, compete with rival team members, and rise to top in the competitive online battling arena.

Judging Basis: 5 points awarded each week, 3 for 1st place (most personal wins), 2 for 2nd (most personal wins). 25 points in total.

URPG (Ultra Role-Playing Game)SiberianTiger of Octopus Babies
Step into the arena of PE2K’s URPG by raising Pokémon, preparing them for battle, and claiming victory. The team that has the best collective performance for the judging period will be given points.

Judging Basis: 6 points awarded each week.

Special WAR Events There will be several events that will function exactly like a section will, but will only last for one or two judging periods only. These events are also worth points, so prepare yourself and be ready for anything. Some of these events may include:

These WAR Events will follow the same 5-point format that most sections follow, where 3 points are awarded to the top performer and 2 points are awarded for second place.

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