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Default Re: Pokemon Dark World




Starter pokemon-chimchar

city-sunyshore city

Appearance-6inch tall light tan hair like sliver's from pokemon manga but dark purple hair with purple eyes.not skinny not fat a lil plump but not huge black short sleved shirt that has a pocket on the chest are where he keeps his mini journal blue jeans black sneakers.

Personality-fun loveing careing nice romantic.he is really nice but you make him mad he will fight hard and stands up for good and defeats evil at the pulp.and loves pokemon with all his heart and dosent judge any pokemon.

History-from age 10 he worked with his mom to learn the ways of a breeder ad his dad died when he was young he wants to be a breeder trainer not a champ but a gym leader badge collector along with breeding and careing for pokemon.

Other- he wants to catch a legendary dog rakiou to help care for pokemon as a breeder

and one question can you do like legendary event you know what i mean :)? thanks great stroy cant wait
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