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Default Re: Pokemon Suggestion Thread

so this is a place to suggest single pokemon sets for breeders? I like it,

i struggled to find a purpose for this pokemon since it's terribly outclassed by almost everything else , but it does a pretty good job to set up Trick Room, something that the Blissey line can't do, wish support, which porygon-2 can't do and the regeneration ability which works perfectly for a bulky Trick Room setter...erm upper

Trick Room
252HP/252Sp Def (Sassy) -or-252HP/252 Def (Relaxed) the final 4 can go almost in either attack, Sp Att, or the other def
IVs: Speed 0
Trick Room
Attacking move of choice

To Be Honest I don't know why I was so intent on making a set for audino, maybe i felt bad...but it's pretty effective to set up TR

Nature, EV Spread and Ability:

With a 103/68/68 base defensive stats it can be decently bulky, and the bulk can be spread to either defensive stat giving it a bit of defensive versatility

Regenerator is another reason to give audino a thought, most bulky trick roomers are there to take a hit set up Trick Room and get out of the way for sweepers, and they need a reliable recovery move to be able to continue to do so, Audino has an automatic 1/3rd HP restored on the switch which cuts down the moves used up during TR

Trick Room is obligatory, or else it doesn't set up Trick Room...
Wish Support healing for sweepers and other trick roomers
Encore is a good move to force a switch or lock a pokemon to a certain move allowing time to set up or switch into a favorable pokemon
Toxic basically there to cripple walls
Yawn Force Switches ETC.

The last slot is mostly so you're not taunt bait, basically any attacking move that you want based on need, flamethrower, thunderbolt, surf and icebeam are probably the best options though you can add another support move if you want

EDIT:Takeru's Giant fiendish picture of Chomp ruined my

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