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Default Re: Pokemon Suggestion Thread

Zoroark Seeker of Darkness@life orb
252special attack 252 speed 6hp
Nasty plot
dark pulse/night daze
flame thrower
focus blast

Hail the bread and butter zoroark set, he's got nice speed, okay typing a decent special movepool good offensive stats but is rather frail with 60 defences. So why use him over azelf who is faster and do the same set? Simple illusion, illusion transforms zoroark into the last pokemon in your party and copies everything about their appreance, pokeball shinyness and even gender and nickname! Why is this good? Simple your opponent is fooled into thinking your something your not, that renculous hitting your conkredurr with psychic? fear not it's zoroak and it just set up a nasty plot! It's crazy really, you can play real mind games with zoroark and really screw with your oponent, in the panic in confusion of why is that starmie using nastyplot you shall find an easy kill nearly every game and your opponet rage quitting or being bewilderd for the rest of the match. Saddly poor zoroark has some real draw backs, it's pittiful defences mean that it's not going to be switching in and even if it could, it would break his disguise. speaking of which, zoroark relises on illusion to be effective, as mentioned it's broken when zoroark is hit and to a smart opponent it's easy to spot and a lot of the time he is a one trick poney once the cats out of the bag thats pretty much it for the dark fox. but fear not zoroark has the Z factor, not only is illusion an awsome ability but it means he is one of the most entertining pokemon to use.
So if your wanting a pokemon to play mind games with your opponent or somethign thats effective yet wickedly fun to use rember zoroark for your team.

Garchomp@lifeorb/haban berry/yanche berry
252attack 252speed 6hp
fire fang
swords dance

hello old fiend it's been a while, yep thats right chomp is back in ou and ready to take on the role of Jaws 5 the shark strikes back. The old swords dance set is pretty much the same as it was before, outrage as powerful dragon type move thatd rills holes in teams, earthquake as a reible stab move that hits hard, fire fang to deal with thoese peasky steel types and now more importantly fernothorn and of course swords dance to boost your attack to insane levels . your item of preference is down to you, haban to protect from dragon moves, yanche from cie and life orb for a bit of a kick. Saddly for chomp this new metagame wasn't the pushover that the 4th gen was, it's a dark new world for garchomp, new dragons faster harder hitting monsters and a thorn in it's side, hell even cloyster has become a huge threat to it, with it's hard hitting ice attcks even yache chomp will not surrvie, while it can hardly touch the bulky oyster! Despite all this, chomp is still chomp, fantastic typing great stats and a froce to be reconded with and deserving of a place on any offensive or bulky offfesnive team.

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