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Default Re: Soul Silver Nuzlocke Challenge

Huh, been almost ten days since I posted, huh? I should've posted sooner, but I did so little in the game for a while. Bunch of stuff to do, you guys understand. Anyway, back to business ^^.

So after beating Falkner's butt, I started heading south, feeling pretty on top of the world. I mean, it was great. One badge down, and after so much grinding, the heavy defeat I handed Falkner felt pretty worth it. The trainers south of Violet City were really nothing, perfect grind-fodder, if you ask me. Even Felin was having an easier time leveling up than before, thanks to the fisherman further south. But it was still slow progress. Nonetheless, I reached the Pokémon Center at the bottom of the route, and headed into Union Cave.

Of course, I don't expect to see Female Pokémon first very often, even after all the luck I had getting a full Team (almost). Still, it was quite a surprise when a Female Onix popped up. First thought on my mind was like "CATCH IT!" So I got it down to low health...and, well, the Pokéball pop began. I tossed both Great Balls at it, a Net Ball, and every single one of my Pokéballs at it, with no success, save for the second to last Pokéball. I nearly lost my chance at that find! Nonetheless, the almost-last Pokéball succeeded, and I had a new Onix, Yolanda. With a new partner in the last slot on the Team, I thrashed through the cave pretty easily, grabbing all the items I saw along the way.

Outside the cavern was pouring rain. Like, HARD. Got soaked in seconds. Still, there was one trainer, and a grass. I fought the trainer first, an easy Hiker, before tackling the grass. Once more, I was surprised. A female Ekans, what luck! Ekans might not be all THAT good, but hey, another Team member! And so we added Janis to the Team, and transferred her to the box. Next stop, Azalea Town.

I watched a crook yell at an old man, making him run off. The stupid cap and the red R on his uniform front told me all I needed to know...It was Halloween all of a sudden, and this guy was dressing up as a member of a Team of idiots, Team Rocket! What fun! I wondered what costume I should get for that night, only to look at my Pokégear and see the date. April 6th. WTF? It's definitely not Halloween! So what's this guy's deal, eh? Confused and suspicious, I made my way into the town.

Healing and item-buying down, I decided it was now GRIND!

*insert epic Rocky music here*

That took six days, due to complications, but as soon as I felt sufficiently grinded up for Bellsprout, Bayleef, and Gastly, the Egg decided to hatch. I eagerly anticipated the gender...only to see it was a male. Cursing silently, I walked all the way back to New Bark Town to show Prof. Elm how unamazing it was, then went aaaaaallll the way back to Route 33 and Azalea Town before giving it the boot (hey, I found a good mother for the thing, don't glare at me like that :P). Then I headed to Kurt the Pokéball Maker's house to see what's what. Turns out his daughter's Slowpoke was stolen and had its tail chopped off (OWIE!). So he decided to go teach the thugs a lesson. Concluding those idiots thought they really WERE Team Rocket, I sighed and headed out after the old man.

I found the well quite unguarded, leaving me plenty of room to clambor inside, to see Kurt had rushed in and hurt his back. But, never fear, I am here! Obviously, I was selected to go in his stead, as the main character, so I said f*** it and went in after them.

Turns out they DID think they were Team Rocket, but they were easy to beat. Two Rocket members down, three to go, and I happened upon...a female Zubat as the first one inside! I was buggy-eyed at this point; why has fate chosen to feed me all these lucky catches? Getting suspicious of fate and her partner-in-crime destiny, I caught Sonya the Zubat and beat up the rest of the Rockets, telling them to get the Hell out of Dodg-, Azalea, that's it.

With that taken care of, it was time for more grinding! At least that's what my watch said. I said screw it and went into the Gym; whatever grinding Elice needed could be gained by thrashing little bug-loving brats. And boy oh boy, did I THRASH me some bug-loving brats. Elice was quite prepared for Bugsy, who was a polite kid, but still a bug-loving brat who needed a thrashing!

Thrashing delivered (boy, I love the word "thrash" tonight), I headed out and healed up my Team to head out into Ilex forest...only to be stopped by someone irritating and angering...Ashura the Red-Haired Prick. He called me all kinds of weaksauce and challenged me to a match. What a mistake, since I destroyed every single one of his Pokémon with just Elice! Even after defeat he called me weak and walked off like he'd proven a fact to me or won, or something.


So I went into Ilex forest and helped this incompetent kid get back two Farfetch'd that his Master owned (not doing such a good apprentice job, kid...), gaining the Cut HM. Figuring I wasn't the kind of person who felt it necessary for self-mutilation, I instead decided to be a tree-murderer and maliciously slashed at a nearby thin tree. Boy, that was evilly satisfying. After that, I decided it was time to start grinding up my other, weaker mons. So I pulled out my Onix first. After capturing a female Paras (yet another female first-find, wtf?), an Oddish popped out. Well, I knew Onix couldn't take that, but I had her at least Screech the thing to make it easier for Sonya, my Zubat, to take it out. Unfortunately, that was the only thing Onix ever did. After that Screech, Oddish used absorb to absorb her ssoooouuuuull! In fear, I sent out, not Sonya, but Elice to tear it apart. Little soul-sucking bastard died, but it took Yolanda with it. She will be missed.

The rest of Ilex Forest wasn't bad at all. Taught Quistis and Janis (my Ekans) Headbutt, saw a Kimono Girl be TOTALLY lost, and found myself out on Route 34. I stepped into the grass and BAM! Female Drowzee. After the death of Yolanda, I wondered what those sneaky crooks Fate and Destiny were up to with that one, before capturing Luna. I then came across the Daycar, and I grinned. Sonya and Janis were weak and hard to level on their own without the time-consuming switcheroo tactic, so I popped both of them into the Daycare for levels; hey, I could pay it.

And for you sick-minded loonies out there, NO, they were not interested in each other, so don't ask >:(

So, we finally entered Goldenrod. Quite a big city. My eyes were on only three buildings, however. The Pokémon Center, the Gym, and the Radio Tower (the latter because it was so freakin' tall I saw it from inside Ilex Forest, and you can't see ANYTHING from in there). Turns out the Gym was closed while the Gym Leader was out, so I went to the Radio Tower (taking note of the Rocketeer outside) and did their contest thingie to get the Radio Card. Cool, Radio on the Run. Then I was approached by a spastic, pink-haired girl spazzing about my win. The real shocker was that she was the Gym Leader (isn't she too young for that sort of thing?). With my Radio Card in hand, I decided to be...*dons sunglasses* daring.

Without grinding, I'd take on the entire Gym.

Yeah, I already dug the graves for all of us, before you ask.

So I went in and thrashed the competition with Quistis before confronting the child herself. She seemed really giddy I showed up, and proceeded into the battle. First up, a cute wittle Clefairy. Of course she would choose the cute Normal-Type Pokémon, it's just her style. So I took my time with Quistis, giving a Razor Leaf and a Reflect to prepare for anything bad.

Then she used Metronome.

I shrugged and was all, "Oh cute, wag your finger, and I bet it's gonna be Growl, or Stealth Rock, or Confusion, or something like th- HOLY FRAKING GOD HYPER BEAM AAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHH."

[For those wondering, I uttered something akin to that line in real life when it happened this morning, while sitting in the waiting area of a plasma-donating lab for my brother. I startled a lot of people with that, but hey, afterwards I had quite the audience, so I wasn't embarrassed, heh.]

I thought Quistis was done for. As I flipped off the two evil sisters responsible (fate and destiny, for those not keeping up), I looked back down to see that Quistis survived with one tiny bit under half health. Breathing a sigh of relief, I used Synthesis and finished off the Clefairy. SO with cutesy out of the way, I knew it was time for the throwdown. And sure enough, out came Scrappy the Miltank.

This thing was...guh. Tedious. Annoying. The thing has insane HP, very high defenses, and more attack than any of my mons had at the time, I'm sure. The Reflect sure saved my life, a LOT. First, I switched in my newly-evolved Felin to smack it with Stun Spore, then switched back to Quistis for the damaging parts. And yeesh, even with a Critical Hit from Razor Leaf, the damn thing didn't go down to half health. Not to mention I had to keep using Reflect every so often and keep an eye on Quistis' HP to know when to use Synthesis; only four left, after all. I knew Whitney had two Super Potions, but I was prepared for those. Thankful for the occassional freeze from full paralysis, I smacked the Miltank over and over, making Whitney use both Super Potions before getting Miltank to the red again. I had this match in the bag.

"Miltank used Milk Drink."


This thing LOVED its milk. Often used Milk Drink until it was guaranteed at full HP before coming at me again. I used all my Syntheses and Razor Leaves, as well as a few Headbutts, before the darn thing went down for good. I was fist-pumping in joy, I finally beat this chil-

...Wait, why is she crying? She's actually crying? Damn it girl...Disappointed she wouldn't give me a badge, I walked away a few steps before turning around and slapping some sense into her. She got angry and threw the badge and the TM at me before telling me to get out or she'd tell mommy. Didn't wanna stay in there anyway, really, so I left quite happily.

With that done, I headed North. Tuesday means the Bug Catching Contest, and I loooooved that one; I'd capture the first one I saw if it was a female, or I'd capture the first female I saw and then end the contest, but release it afterwards. The contest began, I stepped into the grass...

Female Pinsir.

My mouth would have fallen off at this point in a cartoon, ladies and gentlemen. This luck was quite unbelievable, but welcome nonetheless. I got Pinsir to half health, put it to sleep, and chucked a good 15 Park Balls at the damn thing before it finally allowed itself to be caught. With my Pinsir, I headed over to the judge for the results. Turns out I won, so yay.

Pinsir in hand, I decided I might as well try something different: The Pokéathlon! I loved this when I first played SS with mons I wasn't forced to use, but rather preferred to use. This time, it would be different, however. Nuzlocke offers interesting challenges, and I wanted to see how it would affect my Pokéathlon playing.

Honestly, I think I did better with this Team than the first time I played SS. I got the medals for all five categories pretty much in a row. Took all day, along with breaks and stuff, but hey, I did it, and I'm happy. Plus, Pinsir was a participant in every category, so he had first-place entries in all five categories, the requirements for the second-to-last room beneath the Pokéathlon Dome. Now I just need to get the records in every single event I have yet to have a record in to get the last room to be unlocked.

Done with the Pokéathlon for now, I decided to take out the Sudowoodo blocking the view and the path. On the way, I was denied a Pokémon for Route 35, due to a male Nidoran showing up. But then I saw a female Nidoran on Route 36 just above the Cut(-murder) tree, and caught it happily. I wished I could just Cut and take care of the tree-wannabee, but as a Rock-Type, Cut wouldn't cut through a Sudowoodo. So I destroyed it with Elice.

I took a trip back to the daycare to switch out Sonya and Janis for Elina the Paras and Tgana the Nidoran♀, and came back up to Route 37 before ending for the night after fighting two Double-Battles. Things are getting better and better, and quite entertaining, too, but one thing is certain...

I am scared of why fate and destiny gave me so much luck. How will they balance this and give me the due retribution...

And when?

Active Optional Rules (Besides Core Rules)
  • All Pokemon must be given nicknames (no set theme for nicknames)
  • White-Out = Game Over
  • Battle style must be “SET”
  • Duplicate Mons encountered can be ignored (including evolutions)
  • Trades only allowed for one evolution, beyond that, no trades allowed (including in-game)
  • Only one egg (the story egg) is allowed
  • Items (non-held) may not be used in battle, only outside
  • May only capture female Pokémon. If the first Pokémon on a route is male, tough luck.

Number of Gym Badges: 3

Current Roster
Number of Casualties: 3
  1. Quistis the Bayleef lvl 21 (Starter)
  2. Elice the Noctowl lvl 23 (Route 31)
  3. Zita the Gastly lvl 20 (Sprout Tower)
  4. Felin the Weepinbell lvl 22 (Route 32)
  5. Luna the Drowzee lvl 10 (Route 34)
  6. Daisura the Pinsir lvl 14 (National Park Bug Catching Competition]

Stored in Pokémon Box System
  • Janis the Ekans lvl 19 (Route 33)
  • Sonya the Zubat lvl 20 (Slowpoke Well)

At the Daycare
  • Elina the Paras lvl 5 (Ilex Forest)
  • Tgana the Nidoran lvl 12 (Route 36)

✖ Winry the Pidgey lvl 8 (Route 29) [Killed by a Hoothoot that was then captured]
✖ Roger the Togepi lvl 1 (Route 33) [Hatched and turned out to be a Male. Had to let the poor baby go]
✖ Yolanda the Onix lvl 6 (Ilex Forest) [Killed by an Oddish in the first battle she started training in]
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