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Default Re: Questions of a Competitive Battling Newbie

Originally Posted by Shen View Post
1. Without using an online IV calculator, how can you tell how many IVs a Pokémon has in the first place? I'd just rather not have to resort to using IV calculators without at least first understanding how they calculate such values. How DOES one determine these unseeable values?
There really isn't a perfect way unfortunately. The absolute best way (in my opinion) is to breed on DPPl/HGSS because once you hatch the eggs you want to IV check, you can go into a level 100 battle on wifi and plug in that pokemon stats into an IV calculator and it will give you EXACTLY what each IV is in each stat.

On Black and White, it is a little bit more difficult since there is no level 100 battling option. Once you've hatched the eggs you want to check you can go into the basement of the Battle Subway and the first guy that is standing there will tell you what stats your pokemon has "perfect" (31) IV's in. Once I'm satisfied with what he tells me, then I save the game and level up the pokemon with 20 rare candies or so and check on an IV calc what the other IV's (roughly) are in the other stats to determine whether I want to keep it or not.

Originally Posted by Shen View Post
2. Is there a general pattern to what Pokémon gives what EVs when battled, or do I have to resort to looking online to see them? I never got how people even determined these, short of hacking the game code and seeing for themselves. Relying on constantly checking an online list isn't really high on my "like to do for video games" list, cause I don't generally like constantly referring to a guide or walkthrough.
The very best link is right here:

If you scroll down, click the appropriate stat that you are curious about under "Effort Values Listing" and it lists by stat which pokemon give out which (as well as how many) EV's.

Originally Posted by Shen View Post
3. Is there a way to make a team complete with what I call "counter busters"? Yeah, I know, I JUST made that term up, but I don't know the correct term for it. Basically, the term, to me, means a way to truly take care of weaknesses that the team has. For instance, Garchomp has a severe weakness to Ice, so it has the ability to learn techniques like Fire Fang and Stone Edge. However, bring something like a Glaceon into the mix, and it can survive the hit (pending EV builds, I imagine) from Stone Edge, and, barring the Critical Hit possibility, it can lash back at Garchomp quite easily with something like Ice Beam and destroy it. Is there a way to cover all bases so that the Team does not have any particular weakness that can be exploited? I'm not looking for a specific answer, though examples can help.
Absolutely, yes. This is actually how I build my team. I usually pick a favorite pokemon of mine (in this example I will use Gyarados) and build out from there.

Gyarados is usually a physical sweeper, so when contemplating who else I will add to my team, I will take into consideration that I also want an effective lead pokemon, a special sweeper, a physical wall a special wall and the final pokemon will usually cover up other weaknesses that my 5 other pokemon are weak to as best as I can.

Common counters to Gyarados are rock type users and the obvious Electric attacks. Seeing that Gyarados will amost certainly fall to any electric attack, it would probably be wise for me to add in an electric type (possibly with the Lightning Rod ability to gain an extra Special Attack boost) or a ground type to completely negate electric attacks all together as well as resist rock type attacks.

Lets say for this example, I add Flygon since it resists both Rock and Electric attacks. Adding Flygon however has added a quad weakness to ice and also a weakness to Dragon types.

When seeing that, I might look to add a Steel type since Steel resists both Ice and Dragon.

As you can see, type combinations can be endless. Usually when I build a team, I make sure that two pokemon on my team can always cover one pokemons weakness. That way if one goes down, I always have another one that can step in.

Building teams this way can take a lot of time and thought process but the results generally tilt the scale in your favor because your team will have excellent synergy against most wifi teams you will encounter.

Any other help or questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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