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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

RP Title: Half-Life Episode 0: Castelia Lost

RP Fandom Basis: Pokemon, Sci-Fi, Half-Life, Crossovers

Opening Plot and Exposition: It was the night of April 14th, 2027, 9:00 PM the invasion began. Cyrus, the insane leader of Team Galactic, had attempted to summon Dialga, Palkia, and Giritina to create a new world, a dimension where emotion was expunged and he ruled alone. Years of work and research by his group had led him to summon them using the Red Chain. Though a brave trainer had attempted to stop him before he opened the rift of space and time, that trainer failed.

Cyrus had wanted a new world. He succeeded.

Dialga and Palkia did not obey as planned however. The two, forever in conflict, instead turned on one another. Cyrus was helpless to stop them as a great fight broke out atop Spear Pillar. Space and time began to collide, and then, shattered.

The fighting of the Legendaries opened a hole in space time above the mountain.

Across the world, time and space distorted, until eventually great rifts flew open allowing passage between the various dimensions beyond the world of Pokemon. Creatures of all kinds poured through the rifts, causing panic and chaos.

Watching were the Combine, an inter-dimensional empire of oppressive and inhumane aliens. They had been handed their first defeat a few years ago when a brave scientist had led a successful revolution on a planet they had conquered. They sought blood, a new dimension to invade and subject their rule upon. The war machine they had built up was hungry once more, but they needed a bit of luck. Then, on the monitors of their advanced glowing computers came word of another spacial rift, leading to another Earth. They wasted no time in beginning the invasion.

On April 15th 1:00 AM the first Citadel appeared in Castelia City.

By 2:15 AM Combine forces were underway with the world invasion. Divided earth forces who opposed the invasion were crushed in blitzkrieg fashion.

By 4:00 AM all major cities had been conquered. Citadels have appeared across the planet.

By 5:00 AM the last military force on the planet has surrendered. The Combine have won.

The Combine now rule the world of Pokemon, holding the planet tightly in it's grip. They have banned Pokemon Training to prevent any chance of rebellion among the masses. Many have lost hope, but a few brave trainers have banded together to continue the fight against the Combine. However, the Resistance doesn't have a Gordon Freeman to guide them to liberation, and the Combine will not make the same mistakes twice. But the smell of freedom is in the air, and the revolution is about to begin.

Inspiration: After tons of wiki reading, machinima watching, and free demo playing, I decided to make this RP about Half-Life. Why? I don't know. Will it be awesome? You decide.

Where you need help: The question is... WILL IT BLEND?

Other: The setting will be City 11, a post-invasion version of Castelia City. If someone is willing to do so, they can draw a map of what this would look like.
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