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As Jake checked his watch to see how time was going he saw that he was very late. He seemed alright about it though hoping that he wouldn't have anything go against him when he arrived at the Ranger Headquarters. Jake had hopped out of the special buggy he was escorted from by the tour guide and started walking away as he looked at the guide and waved as to say thank you. He was happy that the guide was even polite enough to not be rushy or annoying like most guides are trying to get through their day to get their paycheck at the end of the month.

Jake was walking and in distance he could see a trainer running at him as he stuck his hand out to shake Jake's hand. He had a yellow jacket on and wore black shades and looked like he has had enough experience with trainers to know what to do and where to take them. Jake stuck his hand out as he shook the rangers hand and he told Jake that his name was Leo and he was going to be Jake's ranger for the expedition to Mt Deckbi. Jake was more than happy with that. As he watched the ranger introduce his pokemon named Shadow which was his fire type partner pokemon.

The ranger asked if Jake was ready to go and Jake really had no time to respond to the question asked as they walked to a parking lot as the three of them hopped inside the dark grey jeep as the ranger started it up and they drove off. But before they got far in the distance they could hear someone from the distance at the Ranger Headquarters to wait. But they roared of in a hurry as Jake put his seat belt on he looked at the ranger with a confident grin and said

"I love the outdoors. This is going to be an awesome expedition" as he said with excitement in his voice.

About twenty minutes later they arrived at a large gate at the start of the mountain known as Deckbi. It looked pretty daunting to explore but Jake was up to it as they hoped out of the jeep and the ranger asked,

"So where do you want to go?"

Jake for some reason had always had a certain favoritism to North. He looked at the ranger as the glare of his dark shades bounced of into Jake's eye as he blinked a few times and then said

"Could we please go North?" Hoping the ranger wouldn't wonder why he would decide North of all places.

He anticipated the Rangers response as he looked at the mountain ahead and grinned as he turned around waiting for the answer.

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