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Default Re: Pokemon Devastion Mewtwo's Return RP

After traveling for few hours Tank spotted a Tailow and a Houndoom following him.they have been following for quite some time now even since Tank left the base.He could sense another pokemon following him but couldn't see it so he figured it was a Ghost or a ground type.

"So either of you of yous going to intrduce yourselves?" Tank asked gently.

"Im Zeo."Said the Houndoom. "This lil girl here is my best friend in the world, Trish."The houndoom said pointing his paw at the Bird pokemon who landed on top of his head.

"We heard you were going on an adventure and we wanted to tag along case you look strong." Trish said proudly.

"Well you two better be strong! Weaklings don't sit well with me" Tank said

"We are trust us." Zeo said as he got closer to Tank who was being bathed in moonlight now.

Tank could see that Zeo had a broken horn and scars covered his snout kinda looking like the stripes the clones have but they were fall to old to be clone stripes. Trish was Greenish in colorand dint have many battle wounds but her feathers were ruffled a bit.

"So I take it that Zeo puts his body on the line for you and Trish, You are a shiny pokemon."Tank said interested in both pokemon now.

"How do you know she's a shiny?" Zeo asked

"One of those Pokemon I told you all about at the base is Shiny." Tank said as he started walking again.

"Oh if you're coming you best stay to your kingdom cause my attacks are powerful and i don't want either on of you two to get hurt on my account." Tank said as pointed the way towards a over grown forest.

OCC: Since everyone seems to have other pokemon friends i decided me too! I got a plan for my own spy pokemon too! stay tuned.
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