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Default Re: Referee Problems

All good points.

I don't think letting people choose to do some on their own would not be that big of a problem. They would just go ahead and post. If you didn't want to do any with a partner you would just continue on as normal.

Would the writing portion pay more than the calculations?
This... I don't know. I would say $3 Writing and $2 Calculations.

How would we make sure that whoever posted the round gave proper credit?
The same way you make anyone give credit. This is a matter of courtesy. If a uncredited person also didn't receive their pay, I suppose it could be worked out.

Would the writer have to be an official Ref or could they be anybody?
As I said before. You could make a writer test. This test, if they pass, would make them a writer. But in order to calculate or operate on their own, they have to pass a ref test.

So... those are my thoughts. Just kinda thinking aloud though.