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Default Safari Zone Utility Store

Safari Zone Utility Store

Welcome all, to the Safari Zone Utility Store! Sorry, it took some time for the Store to get going, but no worries, we're here now, and we've got a nice variety of items that will help you in your adventures in the Safari Zone. Make sure to stock up on supplies before you enter the Zone!

Have a look at the items we have for sale.

Item - Description - Price

Fresh Water – Restores your Pokemon’s Health by 5% - $3
Lemonade – Restores your Pokemon’s Energy by 5% - $3
Moomoo Milk – Restores your Pokemon’s Health and Energy by 5% - $6
Lava Cookie - Cures Pokemon of all status effects - $5
Poffin - Increases Pokemon Catch Success Rate by 5% - $10 (usable only in battle)
Mega Poffin - Increases Pokemon Catch Success Rate by 10% - $15 (usable only in battle)
Sweet Scent Perfume - 20% chance that a Pokemon of the Trainer's choice (chosen beforehand) appears. Consumed even if Pokemon fails to appear, can be used only once - $30 (usable only outside battle)
Full Heal - Restores Pokemon to Full Health and Energy and cures all status effects - $15
Master Ball - 100% chance to capture any Pokemon - $10000000000000

NOTE: Items can be used both in and outside battle (unless mentioned otherwise), and cost a Safari Point. Only one item can be used at a time.

Ideas for new items are welcome, please PM Iridium and/or 3m0d0ll.


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