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Default Re: Individual RP: Stinky


Ranger Chainy


Bob reached into his bag, and pulled out a Park Ball. It was differently coloured that the ones I was used to, but I assumed it was some kind of old-styled version, like his Pokeplayer. He opened it up by pressing the button on the front before getting the Deerling's attention with a couple of gentle clicks.

"Deerling?" he asked it, "do you want to come with me?"

The Wild Pokemon looked at the ball, then up at Bob, then back at the ball again. It took a shy step forward, then pressed its nose against the ball. The Normal-type turned into red energy, which then flew into the ball. The top half of the sphere closed down after it, and the red light shone immediately, without any of the usual struggling. Bob smiled, and then looked up at me.

"I think I'd like to leave the Park now," he said to me.

"Sure thing." I nodded as I took the ball containing the Deerling from him. "We even have a handy way to get back."

I pointed up over the treeline, and suddenly a helicopter appeared in the bright blue sky. It was one of the newer military models, but a medic version - one that had been stripped of weaponry and instead had medical necessities like refrigerators and even a fold-out operating table. Broadblade was gliding below the copter, and when he saw me he screeched a greeting and flew down, landing in front of me. I scratched his chest a few times before returning him to his Poke Ball. The helicopter began edging closer to the ground. When it was perhaps two metres off, a Ranger jumped down from the cargo bay. Long red hair flashed up into the air as she fell, and I grinned as I knew instantly who it was.

"Ivy!" I yelled. "What are you doing out here? I didn't think you knew how to pilot a chopper!"

"I don't!" she called back, walking quickly over to me. "I was just finishing up a run when Broadblade found me. I grabbed Joe and we followed Broadblade back here."

I waved to Joe, in the cockpit, who waved back to me. By now Ivy was standing next to me. I bumped her shoulder playfully with my own, and she smiled at me. She then looked around me, at the collapsed Virizion.

"Well, what's gone on here?" she asked me.

"It'd take too long to explain," I waved her off, "I'll tell you all about it back at headquarters. We better take Virizion, too - I want one of the doctors to take a look at it."

In no time a cargo net was pulled out and Virizion secured. The helicopter lifted all of us up into the air, dangling the Virizion below. I could see from its eyes that it wasn't too happy being this far off the ground, but it seemed to have calmed down a lot. I walked over to Bob, who was sitting on one of the benches in the middle of the cargo bay.

"We'll be back at the Docks soon," I said to him, passing him the three Pokemon that he'd captured. "Good run. You should come back again some time."

With that done, I crossed over to the medicine fridge and pulled out a six pack of beer that I had secreted at the back, behind the morphine and adrenaline. I sat down on the edge of the tray, cracked a can open, and watched the forest fly by beneath us.

Roleplay Completed

Name: Bob

Location: Botanical Gardens

Pokemon Captured: Bold Ferroseed(F); Naive Durant(M); Timid Deerling(M)

Items Retained: Type Repellent x3; Hyper Ball x2; Park Ball x9; Hyper Repellant; Pokeplayer; Ferroseed Voice Disk x2; Durant Voice Disk
URPG Stats

Ranger Chapter | Referee Chapter | Grader Chapter
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