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Originally Posted by Jaylea View Post
I never said that blunt criticism was trolling or hating, I prefer it to the fluff comments where all they say is I love it. I know the difference between the two and I simple don't listen to the reviews that have nothing I can learn from. Like people telling me to write longer, I tend to ignore that simply because I know I won't. I've had regular readers as this isn't the only place I post but for this story no I don't. If and when I get more and they ask me to write more I'll have the same reply. I'm pretty stubborn in that sense even if someone says if I don't write longer they'll stop reading it doesn't bother me. As a writer I'm here to improve how I write and yes some may say that making it longer is improving but thats also more room to make mistakes in.

However I'm glad that you like the fic so far and I've got a pretty good idea of what I want to do with it. I don't plan on it being a normal trainer fic even if the idea is golden to me. I'm sure there are millions like it and I want to try and meld the two together so that I can get the best of both worlds. Sadly I won't be writing any this week, I have a full weekend of baby-sitting and I can't wait! But I will try to get on long enough to jot down some plot ideas and possible new characters, I have to fill out my current characters mostly Raiken and my Rockets. Manaki I'm going to have a blast with. If anyone has any suggestions how to better then I'll gladly take them, names as well. Both Manaki and Edena only have first names as I'm horrid with that process of character building. I'll be updating the first post with this as well...if my headache will go away.
No, but what you said previously sounded like you did not like blunt criticism at all. However, it matters not how long you have been writing, one always has room to make improvements. I am an obvious statement for that. However, if someone makes those continuous comments, then it may be something you want to work on. As I said before, it is not more area to make mistakes in. If you work on it for more than a day (perhaps type it up, wait a day or a little less, type up more of it, repeat. Once finished, THEN you can post it). One cannot be stubborn and expect to really improve well.

However, I like what you are doing. I really can't say I have really ever asked for a recommendation for my fan fictions because I plan it all out ahead of time. It is easy for me though, for all I do is take cannon characters and add new characters and new situations for them and the new guys to struggle with. I hope you do well! Good luck!
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