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I've had quite a few flames about how I write so bad that they actually told me to stop, rofl. I just let the trolls have their say and ignore them. If all they have to say is mean things don't let it bother you because they shouldn't be reading your fic in the first place. They're haters who do that to make themselves feel better and if you give in to their hateful whims then you let them win. Now if they nit-pic by looking for ever small little mistake then I listen to that just because they'll spot something that I didn't.

On the days I spend the whole time writing is because I have the drive to do so. Sometimes I won't stop until I'm happy rather then I had a due date. I have no guarantee when I'll post or how long between the dates. All of my writing depends on what mood I'm in, if I had a drive to write and if I have an idea.
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