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Default Re: Individual RP: Stinky

The grunts and the scientist began to bicker about something. I looked up from my hands to see the scientist press a large button on the controller. A sharp scream diverted my attention to Virizion- it was clearly in pain now. Suddenly, I felt something solidify in my hands. I looked down- I was holding the controller! It felt horrible- I wanted to throw it away from me right now, it felt as if evil itself were emanating from the machine. "Altarius, it's gone!" the scientist yelled, looking very confused as to why he was holding a simple twig.. "The controller is gone!" I grinned, and looked over to where my ranger was standing, only to see that he wasn't there. Where had he gone? A look back at the poachers showed that he was over there, pointing his gun at them. I was very confused- how had he gotten over there?

I was about to call something out when suddenly, I was knocked to the ground. I landed on the soft grass on my back, and looked up to see Virizion mercilessly beating Bronzong with its front hooves. Had it been going after me? It took one last swing, then it went flying backwards, its legs flailing the same as before, but they were doing a different kind of flailing- they were now controlled, and filled with rage. I already knew what I wanted to do to stop it- I was about to call out to Bronzong to destroy the controller, but a high-pitched chirp distracted me.

From out of the forest, a small pink deer had emerged. It was extremely innocent- its cute eyes looked up to Virizion, unaware of the current situation. Its head was adorned by a small yellow floor, which just added to its cuteness. Virizion seemed displeased with this- it started floating towards the Deerling. "Bob, quick!" my ranger screamed over his shoulder. "Save that Deerling!"

My ranger really didn't need to tell me that I needed to save the Deerling. Time seemed to slow down- but I still needed to do something, and quickly. Bronzong wouldn't be able to get to Deerling fast enough- it was too far away. I was only a few feet away from the Deerling though- so I would have to do something to save it. Wasting no time, I threw the controller towards Bronzong, and it landed with a soft squish a foot away from the Bronze Bell. "Bronzong, use Heavy Slam to destroy the controller!" I ordered, as I turned myself over and crawled quickly towards Deerling. I whistled softly at it. "Come here! You have to get out of its way!" I said urgently, beckoning for it to come closer. At the speed Virizion was moving, if Deerling came towards me, it wouldn't be able to change its trajectory, and it would just sail harmlessly past the Deerling. And if not, then... well I didn't really want to think about what would happen if the Deerling didn't get to safety.
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