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There was fear, and she shook as tormenting images flashed through her mind. They weren't of anything solid really, just dark shadows and looming sorrow, but it wasn't pleasant, and she really hoped that Haji wasn't getting all of the same things she was. If he was distracted by this, he wasn't going to be able to concentrate on the battle and he'd get hurt. She couldn't have that. She hoped that she was taking it all.

She tried to focus on individuals, but it was just too hard. There were just too many things going on in her mind, too many feelings to sort out. They sort of overcame her in waves, and the next one came in to knock her back down before she could recover from the last.

Then she was back to the horrible confusion feeling, and she whimpered a little against her will, hating that horrible gnawing in her gut. That was the worst one she thought, that awful feeling of not knowing what to do. She bit her lip as it filtered through her. Surprisingly, after a few moments, the confusion began to fade into an intense worry, and while it was still so strong, it was more managable than being lost. She worried all the time; she could handle that.

There was a muffled sound she couldn't quite make out that echoed in her ears. Someone was near her she thought, as she felt life energy in a signature like she had before. Then there was warmth as something brushed her, and she clung to that instead of the awful conflicting feelings she was being bombarded with.

It was comforting, like how she and her brother would huddle under the covers with their flashlights during thunderstorms. She wasn't really bothered by them much, but Jack was, even though he was older. He used to say they could handle anything as long as they had each other's backs, and she believed him. She still believed him. That's why she wanted to make it work at the Park, with her teammates. She wanted to prove he was right. That was the least she could do.

She heard her name spoken in a worried tone, and suddenly she wanted to wake up, like it was urging her to do so. Her eyes snapped open as she gasped against a steady shoulder, reflexively clutching the source. It wasn't her brother, as he was long gone, but she recognized the voice speaking softly and the scent that was only Chainy. Not her brother, but one of her closest friends all the same.

“Chainy?” she said questioningly, just to be sure. Her mind was still hazy, and she could still feel Haji's thoughts swirling. She supposed this could've just been another vision.

The other Ranger tensed as she spoke, but then returned to just holding her, occasionally stroking her hair in a comforting motion, like her mother used to do. Ivy simply hung on, staring at the rocky dirt below as her mind evened out a little.

She leaned away and he let her, saying nothing. She was glad, as she wasn't sure she could handle more questions alongside her own at the moment. “What happened?” she asked, more to herself than to Chainy. Her eyes unfocused as she stared off into space for a moment, reaching through the mental link she could still feel to Haji, checking on him.

She saw the past flash of fire and the burst of pain inside of her mind, and she called out loud to her Pokémon, searching for him with her eyes. “I am alright,” he said from somewhere, and she caught sight of him not too far away, still focused mostly on the battle. She relaxed a little, seeing that he was mostly unhurt from the combined fire attack, though she noticed she was still clutching part of Chainy's shirt with her fingers in worry. She quickly let go, shooting him a grateful smile for what she couldn't say in words at the moment.

“Are you alright?” Haji asked her, and instead of the automatic response of saying she was fine, she actually thought about it.

“I think so. Were you getting any of that? Did it mess you up at all?”She hoped not.

“...A little,”he admitted. “I am still trying to see, but I am ready for another move. I have learned how to separate.”

She felt a little better that he was better at controlling all of those thoughts and feelings than she was. It was something she would have to work on if they did this more often. She stood up as she tried to refocus on the battle, having to grip Chainy's shoulder to keep herself from falling at first. It was a little hard because she was still dazed, hence stumbling a little, but otherwise she was okay. Having Chainy near was reassuring; at least she knew he had her back.

“Alright, Haji,” she said, and her voice cracked a little. “I guess we can't wait too much longer. Use Calm Mind to help you focus better. The Sight is important too, but we don't need any of that extra stuff confusing you. Then I'd like you to start charging up a Shadow Ball. You've got that extra speed energy; you should be able to get a good start on it before Litwick moves too much.”

Haji nodded as he began to focus, gathering even more energy to himself. She felt his energy shift again through the mental link as a ball of ghostly energy began to form in front of him. She could feel the different twinges twisting around, and the gray and purple ribbons weaved together into a sphere as it grew in strength.

If all went well, they could get a good hit in on the ghost while Smash went for the Rapidash. She didn't want them to team up and attack again. She didn't want her partners hurt. Hopefully Haji's Future Sight would come in handy and let him dodge another attack if it came; she knew that sometimes it took a while to come into effect. She felt her pocket with her free hand, finding her spare Parkballs there. Soon she would be able to try and capture the ghost, but not right now.

Besides, she wasn't sure if she could stand completely if she didn't have Chainy to lean on; how was she going to throw a ball?


“Ooooh, can we go by the Butterfree exhibit dad?” Chain asked. “I just love when they tickle my nose.”
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