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Default Re: Individual RP: bleepbloop

OOC: Np, and pro rping skills ftw, i decided to check for the heck of it, and between these 3 posts is over 11k characters w/o spaces :D


There was a vast open expanse of flat land, a slight breeze ruffled the grass in waves. At the center of the plains was a small grove of trees encircling a deep pool of water. At the bottom of the pool sat Mizuiro, he was deep in concentration as though the water had no effect on him. He inhaled a deep breath, then let out a bubble and watched, concentrating as it reached the top. Nothing appeared in the first bubble, but he didn’t expect anything to. Only recently could he actually see the near future in the bubbles of water, he let out a few more. It wasn’t until the seventh bubble that he saw something.

A young trainer with dark, wavy black hair, a plain white t-shirt and black pants stood at the entrance to a vast expanse of grassland, most of the grass was at a knee high length. A snorlax was basking in the sun fast asleep. He looked to be in a deep dilemma, as he was concentrating, a new form appeared in front of him, the legendary mew. As it floated about playfully, the trainer looked like he had a sudden brainwave. He pulled out a round Pokeball from his waist belt and tossed it in the air, releasing a ditto. He gave orders to the pink blob and it transformed into the mew. Mew watched and smiled as it turned away, disappearing into the swaying grass. After a few more words and a handing over of a small piece of paper, the transformed ditto vanished on the spot using a teleport. The scene inside the bubble vanished as it reached the top of the water.
The ditto reappeared right besides Mizuiro, he sensed the Pokemon coming so it didn’t surprise him as the fake mew materialized right in front of him. As his eyes popped open, he realized he was watching the present. The Ditto floated up to Mizuiro and handed over the letter that Ataro had handed to him.

*So, that’s who my ranger is, not too shabby,* he thought to himself as he accepted the letter. It read: - "Hello Mizurio, this is my Ditto. I am your ranger, Ataro. I'm having it use Teleport to transport you right away to Botanic Gardens. Not only would it be more convenient, it'd save a lot of time as well."

He let out a sigh of exasperation, people always seemed to get his name wrong, it wasn’t that it was a hard name or anything, it must be unusual is all.

“Thank you Ditto, let’s not keep Ataro waiting, Sky it’s time to go,” Mizuiro nodded towards the Ditto, “Alright, let’s go.”

All three vanished on the spot. It was the strangest sensation Mizuiro had ever felt, he felt as though his body had turned to mush, and he had no orientation at all. When the feeling left and he was solid again, he felt a small migraine coming forth. He saw Ataro waiting diligently for him to appear. Mizuiro held out a hand in greeting.

“Hello, you must be Ataro, I’m Mizuiro,” he said in a deep low voice, “This is my Scizor, Sky, and it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

double ooc:hope my meditation scrying thingy isn't too much godmodding, but oh well that's how Mizuiro is :D

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