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Default Re: You did what in my pool!?!?!

Veilstone Gym Battle
Leader Chainreaction vs Pokeviper

Slp/Frz/OHKO clauses

Chain: Gallade, Electivire, Scrafty, Machamp
PV: Blaziken, Crobat, Gardevoir, Lapras

Chainy started off with a lead. Gardevoir tracing Motor Drive without his noticing ended this lead. However, he was able to beat a statted up Garde with a Focus Sash+Fissure Machamp Combo, but all that was left was Electivire, and it couldn't handle Lapras AND Crobat.

PV: 2K, Badge, TM Brick Break
Chainy: 1k
Me: 2k

Wages: 9k
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