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Default Re: Pokemon Devastion Mewtwo's Return RP

OOC: Thanks for posting guys but, I need you to wait till I finish this post please. Randor the day will go by little by little also try to make your post a paragraph or more man we can get shut down for one or two liners.


I had listened to the idea's of are small meeting until something over to the right of are entrance of the secret base had came in it looked to be a hounchkrow. So I walked over and said "hmmm hounchkrow what bring you here." He had quickly explained his case about how he got here and stuff talking to aqua and getting through the sandstorm. "hello I am Blaze let me go tell are leader Rhy that we have a new person for the alliance. Hey Rhy a hounchkrow scrambled in here he wants to join are team." "Well thats great of course he can join we need as much people as possible I am Rhy leader of the alliance. We are here to stop Mewtwo and his clones. Everyone in here are team mates its a good thing you got here safely we where talking about mission details but, it is late so we will call it a night in a couple. Please Yanmega give this hounchkrow a bowl of food please."

"Yes sir", said Yanmega. "Hey guys lets call it a night I need you guys up early and with full strength guys please go and sleep hey Lex I need to talk to you in private not that its anything bad but, I just need more info. Camerupt can you please said up the bed for everyone. Blaze close the base entrance buddy so that no one can see in for now. With mostly sand covering are base we are like invincible. So we will be alright." Yanmega goes up to the hounchkrow and said "here eat a quick bowl of food buddy to keep up your strength and I know your hungry not a lot of food out there goodnight." So I closed the entrance of the base and put a little sand over it to make it unseeable to the clones. Then I went in the one room were camerupt had all the beds set up for us he lowered the already dim light to nearly no light and he went to the other room. So I went to my room thinking in my head "wow I joined a alliance. I hope we succeed in are mission you know there might be some sacrifices but, I hope we defeat Mewtwo and his clones and win." I kept thinking and I would soon eventually go to bed.

"Hey Lex do you have any additional information before we head off to bed." "Yes well there's a island off the cost that I think Mewtwo has control over we need to stop them from taking that island." "Why Lex why do we need to take that island." "Well I heard stuff that Mewtwo is building another factory there also I heard that he is working on the teleporter over their because of traders that he might seek out or anything. So soon now right now but, soon we need to make a mission or throw a squad over there on the island we are gonna have to multi task Rhy so you are gonna have to find leader with in these new people Rhy. So we will talk about tomorrow mission in the mourning agree." "Yes I understand Lex just try to get a good out look and spy good too. Yes we will talk tomorrow mourning too. Alright get some sleep Lex thank you." "Your welcome Rhy. Goodnight." " Night ". Rhy then walked to his room. He had a couple maps in his hand and he then had done a little more studying before bed he knew that this next mission they had to be quiet but, he was thinking on what to do thought. He thought for a little more then fell asleep at the desk where he later woke himself up went to the bed and fell asleep.

OOC: Hey guys I will start the next day off guys and you may post. I thought I wasn't gonna finish my post.
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