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Default Apply for a Gym!

by EmBreon

Would you like to be a Gym Leader? Check the Gym Leaders thread to see which Gyms are open.

Gym Leader Information

  • Only Gyms that do not have a leader may be applied for.
  • In order to be a Gym Leader, your application be accepted by the appropriate League Organizer.
  • If there is more than one application for a Gym, the best will be chosen by the League Organizer.
  • Your application must include your AIM name, your anticipated lineup, and the TM of your Gym.
  • The Gym TM must be the same type as the Gym, and it must not be used by another Gym.
  • Gym Leaders are able to be in possession of a Kanto/Johto/Hoenn/Sinnoh/Unova Gym at the same time as an Orange League Gym.

The Lineup:
  • Gym Leaders must own at least 2 of their Gym Pokemon, which can not be a wild card.
  • Gym Leaders must have a lineup of 6 Pokemon, which can include rented Pokemon. If a Gym Leader owns 4 of their Gym Pokemon, he/she can have a lineup of 8 Pokemon, if he/she owns 6, then 10, and if he/she owns 8, then 12.
  • Gym Leaders are allowed one Pokemon that isnít the Gymís type, although that Pokemon needs to have some sort of relationship to the Gym type. These are called wild cards (WC). It's up to the League Organizer on what an acceptable wildcard is.
  • Legendary Pokemon are not allowed in a gym lineup.
  • Gym Leaders may change their lineup and are responsible for updating their lineup and other info in the Update a Gym! thread. WCs and not fully evolved Pokemon must be approved by the league organizer before a Gym Leader can use those Pokemon.

  • Pokemon that are rented by Gym Leaders must be kept in their stats. They may be taught moves and their Dream World ability like any other Pokemon they own, but rental Pokemon may only be used while the Gym Leader is defending his/her Gym.
  • If a Gym Leader acquires an owned version of a rental Pokemon, he/she may transfer all taught moves and its Dream World ability to the owned version when changing the rental Pokemon in his/her lineup to the owned version.
  • If you remove a rental Pokemon any other way, any taught moves and its Dream World ability are lost.
  • The Hidden Power type on a rental Pokemon must remain the same, even if you remove it from your lineup and add it again later and teach it a new Hidden Power. Therefore, you must note what Hidden Power type any of your previous rentals had.
  • If a rental Pokemon that knows Hidden Power has its moves transferred to an owned version, the owned version must get its own Hidden Power type rolled.

General Information:
  • A Gym Leader must keep all information regarding his/her Gym in his/her stats. This includes his/her lineup, successful challengers of the gym, and the Gym's win and loss record. This information must be kept, even after a Gym Leader no longer owns the gym.
  • A Gym Leader is considered to have his/her own Gym Badge, but only while he/she owns it.
  • All of a Gym Leader's Pokemon in his/her lineup that are able to learn the Gym TM through TM know it during a Gym Battle if they do not already, but only during a Gym Battle.
  • Gym Leaders are able to set the rules of their gym battles, as long as the rule is a legal rule. However, the battle must be higher than 1 VS. 1. If the battle mode involves sending Pokemon and moves in the chat/thread instead of privately, the leader can decide who sends his/her Pokemon first. Some leaders have specific rules they must use.
  • There may be periodic roll calls for Gym Leaders. If a Gym Leader does not respond in time, he/she may lose his/her gym.
  • If a person feels as though a Gym Leader is doing a bad job as a Gym Leader, and that person feels as though he/she is able to defend that Gym better, he/she may ask the League Organizer of that Gym Leader to challenge that Gym Leader for his/her position. The League Organizer has the right to not allow this sort of challenge if he/she feels the Gym Leader is doing fine or if the challenger is not good enough. If this sort of challenge is allowed, the League Organizer decides the specifics of the challenge, which should involve both players using only that Gym's Pokemon.

League Organisers:
  • Kanto: Monbrey
  • Johto: ChainReaction01
  • Hoenn: Fossil Fusion
  • Sinnoh: Monbrey
  • Unova: Bumblebee
  • Orange Islands: Roulette

Please tag the LO of the region you are applying for a gym in when you post.

by Paperfairy

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