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Default Re: Individual RP: Stinky

We moved past the Linoone, who was more than happy to sit there and munch on his apple in peace. As we continued through the Park, I couldn't help but notice how peaceful and tranquil the forest was. Completely in contrast to that, I heard what sounded like something crashed down to the ground. I instinctively looked upwards- had something fallen down? Suddenly, I hear a loud whinnying- like a horse. But were there any horses here? I didn't think that any Ponyta would be in the forest, but maybe I was wrong. I looked to my ranger to see what he had to say. "We'd better go check this out," he said, motioning for me to follow him off of the path. He was crouching as he moved, so I mimicked, and motioned for Bronzong to get close to the ground as well. We weren't walking long before the whinnying noise came again, from somewhere on my left. He motioned for me to crouch even lower, and I did so. Bronzong recognized this as well- it went perfectly horizontal, which looked rather odd.

We poked our heads through the bushes in front of us to see a horrifying scene. In front of us was a wide clearing, filled with grass save for a stream that trickled through the clearing. I could see three people in the field- two were off to the side, wearing denim shorts (had they come from the 80s?), while the other wore a plain white lab coat. Standing in front of them all was a large green deer- what sort of Pokemon was this? I had never seen anything like it before. It looked like it was wearing boots- strange for a Pokemon. It was standing extremely still- I looked around to try and figure out why. I could very faintly see something small and gray on its side- what was it? It flashed red- it had to be electronic. What were they doing?

My ranger pulled his head out from the bush, and I followed suit. "Bob, I need to you to keep an eye on that Virizion while I go deal with these people," he told me. "There's probably a fair chance that they'll try to attack us using it, and I'll need you to keep it off my back. Are you up for helping me out?" I nodded.

"I'll distract them for you, why don't you try and go around the back?" I whispered to my ranger, then turned to Bronzong. "Bronzong, I want you to use Hypnosis. It doesn't have to be to put them to sleep- we just want them fairly distracted while he tried to get closer," I said to Bronzong. Bronzong nodded. "Alright, let's go out in one, two, three!" I said, leaping out into the clearing, followed by Bronzong. "What are you doing?!" I exclaimed, trying to pretend that I was the only one there. Hopefully they would think I was a lone ranger- they wouldn't expect Chainy then. I glanced at Bronzong, and I could see that its red eyes seemed to be swirling around. What it was doing was so pretty, I felt like I could just stare into those deep eyes forever and never come out...

I snapped out of my trance and looked back up to see what the group of poachers were doing.
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