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Default Re: Closed Battle: Nyurgh vs. SilverSlasher (3m0d0ll - Ref)

Round 3


[Duster] Rufflet
HP: 74%
Energy: 61%
Ability: Sheer Force
Moves: Crush Claw ~ Crush Claw
Airborne, +1 Attack, +1 Accuracy, -1 Sp. Defense


[Batty] Woobat
HP: 76%
Energy: 60%
Ability: Unaware
Moves: Calm Mind ~ Air Slash
Airborne, +1 Sp. Attack, +1 Sp. Defense

Slightly uneasy in the daylight, Batty closed her eyes, though it was hard to tell behind her mangled fur. Floating easily on air, Batty relaxed her mind and thought nothing but peaceful thoughts. She imagined a dark cave far from this stressful battle where she played with Roggenrola all day long. She then opened her eyes and felt a wave of security wash over her. She no longer felt bad, to put it bluntly. Duster, a much more strait-forward battler, flew directly towards Batty, all the while his claws began to shine a bright blue and appeared to lengthen. Duster then sharply turned upwards, then descended, talons stretched apart as if getting ready to lift a meal from the sea. Raking his claws against Batty's coarse fur. Batty squealed and slammed into the ground.

Determined to take full advantage of her new stat increase, Batty flaps her wings together, sending waves of air and dust towards Duster's bobbing figure. Hitting hard, Duster is forced to the ground with a hard thud. Quite shaken, Duster props himself up, catching his breath. That attack did more damage than expected! Flapping his strong wings, Duster keeps himself at a distance from Batty as his talons blow a bright blue. Raking his claws across Batty once again, it's clear that this will be a battle to the death finish.

Round Over


[Duster] Rufflet
HP: 66%
Energy: 41%
Ability: Sheer Force
Airborne; Att +1; Acc +1; SpDef -1


[Batty] Woobat
HP: 60%
Energy: 44%
Ability: Unaware
Airborne; SpAtt +2; SpDef +2; Def -1

Batty's Speed (72) > Duster's Speed (60)
Batty: Health [Crush Claw, -8%] Energy [Calm Mind, -6%; Air Slash, -10%]
Duster: Health [Air Slash, -8%] Energy [Crush Claw, -10%]
Air Slash: Acc [75/1-95] Flinch [94/1-30]
Crush Claw: Lowers Def [18/1-50]
Batty's Unaware makes Duster's Stat changes irrelevant.

~ Nyurgh, your moves, please.
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