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Default Re: Referee Problems

Originally Posted by Elecii View Post

But, also if you did that it would probably cause some problems, like what if two people had a battle, and they'd posted everything 'n all, then when the referee posts, there are tons of mistakes - what would happen then? Same if the layout was all wrong, or the calculations were off by loads - what would then happen?
That's my main issue on this. Legit Refs would have to go around and fix mistakes (even if there aren't any errors, we'll still have to to the math to know that the Round was calculated properly); we might as well just do it ourselves! The part I hate about Reffing is the maths part - I can write a battle scene in 30 minutes if I'm dedicated enough and not distracted. :P
Originally Posted by Mawile_rocks View Post
Perhaps we could provide a more in-depth, step by step tutorial so people can see the exact steps needed to ref or simpler methods; I think the reason aren't becoming refs is the math is too intimidating.
Maybe we could increase the pay, too. Or lengthen DQ's.
I agree with bold'd; Elbub's Spread Sheet was simple to use and you could calculate how much damage an attack did all on one page, where as Paperfairy's require you to continuously go back and forth (quite exhausting, really). As for pay, we docked each Round from three actions each to two, so, imo, we're actually over-paying people. But I'm not going to complain ;D Lengthen DQ's? Nearly all current battles are Open, meaning any Ref can submit a Round, so there isn't a DQ limit for the Ref. If you're talking about battlers, then I don't see how this is relevant...

Justin, is there a way you can make it look more similar (Idk if that's a good combination of words, language wise) to the original? I can email it to you if you don't have it on hand, if you'd like. :3

My main ideas to fix the Compenduim are:
Have groups or brackets, like Elbub did.
Have STAB and no-STAB calculation on the same page.
Get rid of that damn Energy bracket thing that has caused my brain so much agony.
And everything else we talked about on GTalk, soyeah~

I need a new sig, uhg.
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