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Default Re: Questions of a Competitive Battling Newbie

I guess I throw in some of my own knowledge into the boat.

1) You don't have to hatch eggs but it surely makes things a bit faster. I found it easier and faster to make fives eggs then going into the grass and catching five pokemon. It gets even more tiresome when you have to find the right nature for that pokemon.

Also things are a bit easier if you just go out and catch a bunch of Dittos. A cool breeding trick is to put a ditto holding an Everstone and the pokemon you making an egg for into the Day Care. The pokemon that comes out of the egg will then have the same nature of the Ditto that was used. In my Pearl game I have a whole box filled with Dittos of different natures for any breeding job I need to do. Makes finding that right nature much easier.

Other: You may also want to see if you can find a pokemon inflicted with PokeRus. It doubles the EVs you get when battling. It is pretty random when you find it but when you do then that is good. Just get a random pokemon and get it infected then stick that pokemon in the box and take it out when you need to EV train.
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