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Default Questions of a Competitive Battling Newbie

Okay, I’ll admit, I’ve never been big on competitive battling, mainly because I’m not really all that certain on how to even get started. Guides I’ve checked online kind of give a runaround or roundabout way of addressing it, and they don’t answer all the questions I have in mind. So, I was wondering if someone might shed some light on several of the questions that have always been on my mind.

I understand that IVs deal with the nature of the Pokémon, and that having a nature that grants stat bonuses geared more toward what you’re intending to do with the Pokémon is better. Such as if you want a Pokémon that you intend on being more offensive, then you’ll want to ensure the nature is geared more toward benefitting Attack and Special Attack, even if the other stats are diminished a bit. Effort Values I’m guessing work the same way and go hand in hand with that principle. Why try to jack up the speed on a Pokémon that’s already horribly slow? Focus more on their other stats, and the like of what they excel at. The whole improve on strengths, don't compensate for weaknesses.

So, here are my direct questions. Please don’t laugh at them, I know I’m several generations behind when getting the full scope of these, and somewhere along the line I got lost and kind of gave up on it completely. The fact I’ve never had answers to these is mainly the reason why I’ve never really gotten into it.

So do I absolutely have to hatch a Pokémon from an egg for it to be considered viable for competitive battling? I know the nature needs to be geared more toward what kind of role I want the Pokémon to fulfill on the team, but how much difference is there, if any, between a hatched Pokémon with the nature stat allotment I want between a caught Pokémon with the nature stat allotment I want? And if catching it is okay, does the level matter greatly, or should I really shoot for catching the Pokémon at the lowest level possible?

EVs. Can I just use vitamins instead of trying to train the Pokémon in specific places? By vitamins, I mean Carbos, Zinc, HP Up, that stuff. Is one method better over the other, or do you pretty much get the same results regardless? Also, if vitamins are used, should they be used the very moment I see the Pokémon with the nature I want has hatched, and no training has begun yet, or do they get used at a later time?

Macho Brace. Should I be using it or is it more of a gimmick? Also, I’m not exactly sure what the thing does, the description on it is pretty vague. If using it is a good idea, should it be religiously kept on at all times while the Pokémon is in training from level 5 to 100, or is there a time when it can be taken off to have some other item put on it instead?

Lucky Egg/Exp Share. Is it okay for these to be used, or does it negatively affect the Pokémon’s stats/growth if I try to “cut corners?” My reason for asking is that I find these are pretty helpful when it comes to speeding up training, which takes an enormous amount of time already. I find Lucky Egg works great to speed up training, and Exp Share is good when you have a really low level Pokémon that can inherit a wealth of experience while the rest of your team handles the Elite Four or something like that.

That’s most of what I have so far, I feel I might have forgotten something along the line, but those are the questions that stick out the most for me.

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