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Default Referee Problems

So we have a problem. Too many battles, not enough ref activity. We've been bouncing a few ideas back and forth on how to fix it, but as it stands we don't have any solid plans save one, namely allowing anyone to referee a round regardless of whether they've passed the test or not. We've agree to a referendum, since the staff is in disagreement on the subject, and a poll, as well as some more details from Paperfairy, who proposed the idea, will be edited in soon. In the meantime, thoughts, questions, and most especially other ideas are very much encouraged.

EDIT: Hi, paperfairy here. I'll just post my proposal directly from the staff board.

This worked in the original (very first) ASB with pretty good success. It solves the ref problem pretty well.

Allow anybody to ref battles.

We'll call them volunteer referees - trainers that can use the resources to ref a battle, but since they're not official, they won't be getting paid for it. We can add a clause to the VS Seeker for Volunteer Referees, so battlers can choose whether or not they want volunteer referees or not (much like open/closed is a clause now). This way, they accept full responsibility if their ref screws something up. I propose the same thing be done for Safari Rangers.
Keep in mind, I don't particularly LIKE my proposal, but I think it will fix the problem. We are all open for any and all discussion on the manner, however, so let it rip. =]
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