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Default Re: Soul Silver Nuzlocke Challenge

Haven't posted in a few days, but that's because I was GRIIIIINNNDIIIIIIINNNNG. Holy crap, Hoothoot takes a crapton of experience to level up what would take some of my mons half the time, or less! Noentheless, I accomplished what I set out to complete, level Elice up to level 20 before facing Falkner, and wouldn't you know it, Hoothoot evolves at level 20. I didn't know it evolved that early before playing this Nuzlocke, so cool, my first evolved Pokémon. Then I grinded for an hour with Quistis and got her up five levels so that she evolved as well, giving me two evolutions so far. Add to that a little levelling with Felin, and then I challenged the Violet City Gym Leader, Falkner.

For a Gym leader, he had some rather...weak Pokémon (but we all knew this). Elice DESTROYED the Pidgey in a single hit, and the Pidgeotto took two hits before it went down. So now the murderer has earned a slot on my team, having made up for killing Winry. Guess Elice was the Contender Winry could never be.

So, with the badge and new TM (Roost) in hand, I headed out of the Gym, only to get a call from Prf. Elm about the Egg. Seems he wanted me to have it, and his assistant was in the Pokémart ready to deliver it. A quick stop in the mart and I had myself a Pokémon Egg (which I am hoping will hatch into a female, of course). Now with a roster of five (sorta), I headed south out of town.

The man blocking my way before handed me the Miracle Seed I wanted from him, so I put that on Quistis to power up her moves, and started training up Zita a little. So far, I've only raised her up one level, but it's a start, right?

Hoping to go for another badge tomorrow, and hopefully with some more mons to add to my Team.

Active Optional Rules (Besides Core Rules)
  • All Pokemon must be given nicknames (no set theme for nicknames)
  • White-Out = Game Over
  • Battle style must be “SET”
  • Duplicate Mons encountered can be ignored (including evolutions)
  • Trades only allowed for one evolution, beyond that, no trades allowed (including in-game)
  • Only one egg (the story egg) is allowed
  • Items (non-held) may not be used in battle, only outside
  • May only capture female Pokémon. If the first Pokémon on a route is male, tough luck.

Number of Gym Badges: 1

Current Roster
Number of Casualties: 1
  1. Quistis the Bayleef lvl 16 (Starter)
  2. Elice the Noctowl lvl 20 (Route 31)
  3. Zita the Gastly lvl 10 (Sprout Tower)
  4. Felin the Bellsprout lvl 12 (Route 32)
  5. (Togepi) Egg (Given in Violet City)

✖ Winry the Pidgey lvl 8 (Route 29) [Killed by a Hoothoot that was then captured]
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