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Default Uber Nuzlocke - soulsilver

So i've been meaning to do a Nuzlocke run for a while now and I saw this thread by Shen and it got me thinking, maybe a nuzlocke where you can only catch females except for your starter isn't a bad idea.

therefore, I shall be using this thread to document a nuzlocke run following the same rules as shen currently has plus some more of my own.

1) If a pokémon faints, it is dead, release it.
2) you may only capture the first pokémon you encounter on a route (after you first gte pokéballs) but only if it is female, if it's male, no pokémon for that route.
3) If your starter is male, you must release it after your first capture.
4) Whiting out is game over.
5) legendaries may only be caught with a masterball and only if they are the first mon you encounter in that area, otherwise, they must be killed.
6) pokémon you forget to nickname must be released and no other captures are available on that route.
7) Pokémon must be nicknamed after friends (online friends count).
8) game is compete and other pokémon may be caught when Red is defeated.

Day one basically consisted of forgetting to nickname my male cyndaquil and not quite getting to mr pokémons house. Cyndaquil will be released upon my first capture.

current pokemon
cyndaquil on loan from prof elm.
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