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Default Re: Pokemon Devastion Mewtwo's Return RP

Never one to pass up a battle, Tank had to regain his strength before he could wail on the water pokemon if he wanted to. As he ate up his berries offered to him by the leaders of the base.

"If Mewtwo made the clones wouldn't he be connected to them all by some Psycho bond?" Tank thought to himself as he listened to the others talk.

"If only I could get to the Forest area, My trainer released all his pokemon before Mewtwo's attack and many of us were too strong for most wild Pokemon so we split up and went into training.One of us is my tag team partner Alakazam if any Psychic pokemon can help blend in your spies it will be him." Tank spoke towards the Blaziken's way.

" Most of us keep in Touch. The ones that would benefit us the most will be Alakazam,Lapras,Dragonite,Ninetails and Sableye."Tank said.

"To gain their trust we might need to battle but it'll be a great gain for our cause.And they can teach alot ofthe pre evo's here alot."Tank said. But in the back of his mind he knew that if He could be captured that any Pokemon could be,that's unless He could find his Mentor inside the forest,Celibi the forest guardian!

"Well not sure if any of you want to come but im going to head towards the forest it's only 7 miles from here. Then from there imma go tothe ocean to find Lapras,She's an awesome morale booster and these pokemon could use some.No offense to the leaders" Tank said as he headed towards the Door.

"Oh and Blastoise one day we'll battle but I need to know what happened int he last couple of days" Tank said Slipping the poke tech around his weighted armor.

"by the way im a Johto Pokemon so my Pokegear could work just as well as this thingy but i'll say in touch."

OCC: since we dont have alot of members posting i went and gave alil side quest to see if that'll help grab people's attention.
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